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Whether you're trying to get your digital identity or just want to connect with people online, help them remember you with a digital business card.
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Why you should use a digital business card?

Exchanging business cards is a tradition to building rapport at the beginning stage of any business relationship. Have you asked yourself these questions when printing business cards?

  • Does the card look pixel perfect?
  • Does it automatically add to your contact list?
  • How much does the pack of cards cost?
  • Can I change the content of the card after printing?e.g Updating website URL, adding a new Instagram link, etc.

  • Am I being environmentally friendly?

Popb Cards eliminate these challenges. Fully customize your cards theme with different designs and colors. Share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform. Send it to engage old clients. Share a link or QR code with anyone.

Top Features


Elegant & Highly Unique Templates


Covered for individuals, content creators & businesses


Have your own subdomain or custom domain


Get customized theme as per requirement


Dynamic QR code


Unlimited sharing
Never run out of
business cards again


All in one dashboard


& Many more

Unique Templates help you stand out from the crowd

The best part of Pop business cards are its templates, which are designed to highlight you. You can choose from multiple templates and customize them according to your branding design guidelines. We have made sure that our templates can be custom made to the needs of all individuals, content creators, freelancers, businesses, or enterprises.

Frequently adding new niche-based templates to covering new industry for example Dentists, photographers, doctors, developers, realtors, lawyers, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc.

Don't see what you're looking for? You can request it, Chat Now.

Get a custom digital business card for your company which is common for businesses and enterprises you can have a connection with our designer and developer team and we will serve it for you.


Covered for individuals, content creators, small businesses & enterprises

Whether you are an individual, freelancer, small business, or enterprise popb has a solution for all industries and company sizes.

The individual set up process is simple. For business there is just one additional step to add your team mates.


Create your own subdomain or use a custom domain

The most important part of having your own business card is your own branding. So create your own branded link of your digital business card! Its totally customizable.

Individuals can set their subdomain as https://yourname.popb.com (https://matt.popb.com)

Businesses can set it like this https://businessname.popb.com (https://zepto.popb.com).

You can bring your own domain like https://yourbusiness.com or with a subdomain like https://popb.yourbusiness.com.

Includes a free SSL certificate for your custom domain.

Order your own custom theme for your business

Top reason to switch to Popb is that you can get customized themes. Connect with our design team to create a perfect design for your business. Best digital business card designs 2022.

Order Custom Theme


Unique QR Codes

Scan to get POPB

Dynamic QR Code

Comes with unique QR code which you can share with anyone or print on a paper card which when scanned will send the user to your branded business card.

Static vs. Dynamic
Static QR Codes don't update when you change your information. Popb's are dynamic and dont need updating. Dont worry about QR Codes that send customers to old outdated domain name URLs.

Our QR codes are smart enough to send you to new links even after they are printed or shared even after you make any changes to the link. This is the beauty of POPB.

All in one dashboard

Popb Dashboard comes with a growing platform ecosystem with new features added on the regular.

Master your: Analytics - Lead Capturing - Contact Lists

You will have total access to all these products from the single dashboard once you signed up. We are also listening to your feedback for new product features.


Upcoming Features


  • Visitor analytics
  • Visitor geolocation-based analytics
  • Reference base analytics
  • Analytics where the user going from your Popb Card

Customized QR Code

  1. Changing the color of the QR code
  2. Adding a logo to the QR code
  3. Changing the style of QR code

Environmentally Friendly

Digital Business Tool that can Save over 7.4 million trees every year

How easy it is to start

Follow the process

Steps for individuals


Sign up


Add Card title


Upload photo/logo & details


Publish & share

Few more steps for business


Share your Link

ecard.popb.com or your custom domain


Ask team member to sign up


Follow the above steps


Your card is ready to share🎉

Pricing Plans

subscribe now before the price gets updated


$2.99 /mo

$4.99 Limited time offer

Get started

Create up to 3 different cards

Afterwards $0.50 Per card

Share your card via QR code, email, text.

Personalized link

Branded QR code

Custom domain

Custom sub-domain

SSL certificate

& many more

Get a custom theme for

$4.99 /mo

$7.99 Limited time offer

Get it now

Everything from basic package

One on One designer support

One on One developer support

Private Labelled

Can be used on all cards

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We provide many other services for branding like Single page websites, Dynamic QR codes, Service Showcase Site, Product Selling Site, Digital marketing, SEO, Graphic designing for social media. Get a complete branding package tailored to todays marketing needs.

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